Stop paying for bad keywords

One of the easiest ways to optimize your Pay Per Clicks campaigns is to use negative keywords.

Negative keywords are search keywords you wish to exclude from you campaign.

For example, if you target the term “Fruit”, and you sell fresh fruit, you may not wish to appear under a query such as “Fruit of the loom”, which is a t-shirt brand.

You can create a negative keyword list, like so:

  • shirt
  • t-shirt
  • loom

When using negative keywords, you can cut down on unwanted impressions. These unwanted impressions can lower your click-through rates and quality scores, and most important increasing your cost per click. Basically using negative keywords can save a lot of money as you are gaining a discount on the rest of your impressions.

For more information about PPC campaigns, please go to the Website of GlobalClickz.


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