Facebook overtakes Google

Social networking website Facebook has overtaken Google to become the most-visited website in the US last week. Facebook was responsible for 7.07% of online traffic in the country, compared with the total of 7.03% accounted for by the search giant.

Facebook had previously taken the top spot on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2009, and New Year’s Day 2010, but its recent performance marked the first time it had retained this position for an entire week.

Google has been in first place since 2007, when it overtook MySpace, which has been in decline ever since. (source: tvnz)

What about the Netherlands Antilles? Here on Curacao we also see an increase of market share of Facebook although Google has still got the biggest piece of the pie. The top ten, according to Alexa.com of most popular websites in the Netherlands Antilles is now:

  1. Google.com
  2. Facebook.com
  3. Youtube.com
  4. Live.com
  5. Yahoo.com
  6. MSN.com
  7. Wikipedia.org
  8. Google.nl
  9. Tagged.com
  10. Blogger.com

Compared with an article in December 2009, you see that Youtube and Facebook changed places and Google.nl, Tagged, and blogger also did a little chair dance.

What does this say?

It basically means that Social Networks such as Facebook are closing in to society and getting more important than a search engine like Google. Last month Google launched Google Buzz, a social network which should become strong competition to networks like Facebook.


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