10 Common Adwords Mistakes

Within the competitive Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) search engine, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your PPC campaigns are optimized to their utmost potential. Everybody want the maximum return on investment (ROI) for their keywords or phrases that are most relevant to their businesses, and are providing their sites with targeted traffic.

With the cost-per-click (CPC) prices available through various PPC search engines always increasing, it is essential that you avoid certain mistakes that will result in poor performing PPC campaigns. The common mistakes you should avoid are:

  1. creating a long list of less than targeted keywords
  2. failing to identify unique aspects of your product or service
  3. a lack of keywords in your ad text
  4. directing users solely to your home page
  5. creating single ad groups
  6. utilizing single campaigns
  7. using broad match only
  8. failing to optimize ad serving for your ads
  9. no results tracking
  10. entering the content network without modifying bids

Ofcourse there are many more mistakes you can make while managing Adwords campaigns. Are you interested in outsourcing your Adwords campaigns? Contact us!


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