Google Adwords Checklist

This checklist is intended to provide Google AdWords advertisers a practical list to the optimization and determination of their keyword targeted Google AdWords campaign. This gives you insights into the activities associated with establishing and maintaining a good Google AdWords campaign.

The secondary objective of this checklist is to provide insights in the amount of knowledge and time needed to run a good campaign, so advertisers can make an informed decision about whether to outsource a Google AdWords campaign to a specialized SEA agency or not.
Knowledge required by the Adwords checklist

In order to get the best out of this guide, we assume that you know the following:

  • Google is based on a bidding / auction model;
  • With Google AdWords you pay (usually) only for clicks;
  • Google has a keyword a variable minimum CPC;
  • Google provides the ad position based on the bid for a specific keyword and on the Google Quality Score;
  • Higher Ad Positions realize more click volume.
  • Know the advantage of using Google Analytics measuring your Google Adwords campaigns.

Measurement Conversions – Google AdWords conversion tracking

Google offers a free conversion measurement tool in the Google AdWords system. With a customized tracking code that must be placed on the relevant page(s) of the website you can measure conversion. Most of the times this will be a “thank you” page, but this can also be another important page. For an effective conversion driven campaign, measurement is necessary. A more advanced measurement tool from Google is Google Analytics.

Below 10 steps is the checklist. Make sure you understand the checklist and her contents. Later on we will elaborate on every topic.

Step 1: Monitor the results

Step 2: Compare the results with your historical data

Step 3: Determine the in between targets

Step 4: Adjust your keyword biddings to get the best results

Step 5: Pause and/ or delete keywords

Step 6: Add keywords

Step 7: Remove, add and/ or modify text ads

Step 8: Test destination URLs and landing pages

Step 9: Edit Campaign DetailsStep 10: Keep It Simple & Stupid (KISS)

Too complex or too much work? Outsource it!
GlobalClickz – Online Marketing Concepts handles the setup and optimization of Google AdWords campaigns and also provides search engine optimization (SEO) advice.

Please contact us for more information. We help you with practical advice and or give you a free second opinion on your existing campaign.


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