Social Media Optimization (SMO) – why you must use it!

Lots of people and companies are actively or in-actively present on the internet with a social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc. But I doubt that any of you have ever heard about Social Media Optimization (SMO) but today  in the era of internet marketing, SMO is a very important concept.GlobalClickz Social-media optimization

SMO uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote content on websites, blogs or across other social media.

SMO’s big brother is search engine optimization (SEO). Instead of promoting whole ideas, SEO uses keywords to promote material via search engines like Google. Today, everybody can see that the first page of Google is dominated by social media results and businesses exceeding in social media communities.

SEO is the ‘old’ way but now there is SMO and is slowly taking over the traditional keyword based linkbuilding activities within SEO.

SMO uses the concept that ideas are more important than just a couple keywords. People with the same interests will spread those ideas to their friends within their own network. Those friends will do the same when they like your content.

How to brand yourself through SMO? Below are 10 steps to start and win on the internet through SMO.

1. Linking – Set up a blog! Relevant links to other blogs or social media content provide attribution and illustrate depth of research.

2. Tag and bookmark – We have the option here on Flickr and on sites like YouTube to add tags. Tagging makes you more visible in search engines, which points people in your direction and therefore increases your brand. Buttons for bookmarking services like also point first-time visitors to specific content that they may interested in.

3. Make your content portable – Video, audio and PDF files, for example, that people can use help drive traffic back to your website or social media profile.

4. Encourage mashups– A mashup borrows content like video, audio and mapping elements from various places to create a new message or content.

5. Become a user resource– Post interesting information, including from rival publications, this can turn  part-time viewers into frequent viewers.

6. Reward users – Give credits to those who you used content from. This not only builds their credibility but also builds yours.

7. Participate – Speaking out, engaging in online conversations and share knowledge in online conversations within the varies networks.

8. Target your audience – Find your niche, stick, and feed them!

9. Create original content – Inside that niche, original content has a greater chance of getting noticed. So do not say what everybody is saying. Make your own, create something new.

10. Think with a SMO mind always – SMO should not be applied randomly, every 9 nine points above should be in your mind all the time. It should be at the forefront of planning within your organization, and include tactics and strategy.

Are you interested in above new era marketing? Get your act together, find your niche, and start building your community. Or give us a call and we help or do the whole process in a balanced way for you!


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